GAOP: The Politically Incorrect Hippie

Think earthly hues, balloon sleeves, bangles and peace signs – what constitutes a 1970s hippie/boho look.


Then add some hard elements, like metallised yarn on shiny polyester. Why not throw in a machine gun necklace?


And BAM! You’re donning The Politically Incorrect Hippie look. It’s nostalgically trendy, laid-back, and kind of satiric. Like a Sofia Coppola film.




Those curtains look a bit Lynchian, no?


These leather boots may bring some Woodstock period realness but, like the machine gun necklace, they undoubtedly condemn this outfit to Ethical Hell.

To neutralise the previous statement, here’s a nice photo that showcases some flower power action.


The headpiece is actually a part of an old halter top. When I don’t wear it on my head, I wear it around my waist. Give me some kudos for emulating sustainability through fashion?

Speaking of sustainability, I bought my dress from a secondhand shop off Queen Street called Recycle Boutique. The label says it’s Garage, which if I’m not mistaken is a clothing line by the Warehouse.

Anyway, it looks like you’ve come to the end of my first GAOP. In case you think I’m being completely serious throughout this post, here’s a photo of me petting my imaginary Great Dane.


Get it? Great Dane = Scooby Doo = Très ’70s.

Cue pity laugh.


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