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Ooh look. It’s a FOUR post with my name on it! That’s because Four Other Under the Rainbow will have two versions starting now. One’s mine, the other is my sister’s. So really, it’s EIGHT not FOUR. But I’m too lazy to think what EIGHT will stand for. So FOUR stays. haha… This week is just the little bits of nature I love.

The cold winter’s lovely sunshine doesn’t warm me up but it still makes the surroundings pretty to remind me of warmer days.

Blue Skies. Pretty Clouds. Cold Breeze. I laid down on the balcony for this, seemed like a good idea. It’s always so calming to look above. I didn’t see any animals shapes this time.
It’s an orchid, mom said. I love how the vase catches the light. There are times when I get a bit obsessed with the kitchen windowsill. Golden hour, not on the photo. But I’ve stared at that window and those little plants for so many times.
Succulents. They look a bit creepy. It’s like they’re crawling out of their plant box to reach out and grab you while you wash dishes. I need to add herbs on this window space. Must. Get. Herbs.
A tree and the sky. That is all.
IMG_7691That’s all for now folks. See ya!




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