GAOP: Suburban Jailbird

Crippled by ennui in Suburbia? Then why not say it through glamour? Not only will you use the resources provided for you – the poor privileged person that you are – but you’ll also look like you’re ready for a good time!


IMG_7550 - Version 2

While I was going for a Jailhouse Rock vibe, this outfit also turned out to be Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice’s lovechild, which is great! It complements the Suburban Jailbird thing I have going. If I try to explain, I’ll end up spoiling the movie (and going into a tangent I don’t think I can get out of), so I just won’t! Also, intellectualising a ‘trashy’ movie I don’t particularly like will be a bit gratuitous.

Do you feel the burn, Burton?


Anyway, it’s time to go into the ‘technicalities’ of this outfit!

I construct a body-con silhouette for this outfit by pairing my turtleneck crop top (from Glassons) with a high-waisted leatherette skirt (purchased from Recycle Boutique).


Now onto the accessories…


I do like monochrome, but I always tend to counter it at the same time with bold colours. If I didn’t have black lipstick, I’d put on a bold shade of red or orange. But since I chose to don Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi pout, I put on a pair of red hoops and these cat-eye glasses. I especially like how they’re both plastic as they complement the texture of my skirt.


While these wedge booties add to the kitsch factor of my plastic accessories, they also inject a bit more colour to break the monochrome. The leopard print also make an interesting contrast to my top’s stripes.

So to end this post, here’s a photo of me trying to channel the jailbird aspect of Suburban Jailbird.
I know, I know. It must be illegal to be this street.



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