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When my mum saw my first F.O.U.R post, the first thing she pointed out was the stark contrast between my and my sister’s photos. To paraphrase my mum, while my sister is all blue skies and flowers, I’m all darkness and rust. Our personalities seemed to be so different from each other.

This didn’t really surprise me. Though my sis and I got along well and agree on many things, I always knew we had different tastes in some things. They’re not as clearly defined as some people think, though. I do like my floral patterns and cutesy things, and my sister can opt for an edgy aesthetic.

What I’m trying to get at is: don’t rely on binaries. They’re restrictive, and utterly boring. People are multi-faceted.

How does this relate to my F.O.U.R post, you ask? I don’t know exactly. *Cue awkward turtle*

Why don’t we just get on with the photos?


This snapshot was taken when I was gathering footage for my multimedia project in uni. I was looking around for something that could be a symbol for my character Lily. It had to show that beauty can be found in an unlikely place. In this case it was on the ground. As lovely as it sounds, this symbol is actually corrupted. It shows how Lily is idealised and objectified by the Narrator. And long story short, Lily gets killed by the Narrator, who’s actually a serial killer.

Anyway, I though this photo is a good example to show the combination of my sister’s and my preference in aesthetics. The flower, what my sister would normally go for, is combined with the dried leaves and the coarse pebbled pavement.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 2.24.51 PM


This one is an unfinished painting from when I was 14 or 15. I think I was trying to portray a girl hallucinating? My technique is nowhere near controlled, and I’m pretty sure two of the characters on the top left of the painting are knock-offs from Anime shows, but I thought this would be a cute thing to share.

Scan 113460013


After a photo of a flower and a colourful painting, now we’re back to regular grit and dirt.

This one was taken by an abandoned railway at Parnell. This made me think of what Auckland would look like some years after a zombie apocalypse or something.



And to end this post, I leave you with a photo of an illustration printed on paper by one of the first printing presses in New Zealand. This was taken in the Pompallier House in Russell, one of the places I went to in my Year 13 History trip.

I was a bit of a ninja taking this as a random old man was examining the illustration. Not to sound nasty or anything, but I thought the fact that he had age spots on his hands complemented the vintage goodness of this photo.



Guess that’s it for now. See y’all next time!

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