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Hello hello. This is my second FOUR KPOP post. Yay!

So my sister mentioned how we can be quite different in some things but we’re not really as different as night and day… It’s true. However….when it comes to KPOP our similarities go out the door. Kpop isn’t the only thing I listen to, of course, and my sister has got me hooked on some Skrillex lately BUT I do listen to a LOT of kpop. I feel my sister rolling her eyes every time I stream some Kpop in the house. I can’t help it. I tried introducing her to it but it’s not her thing, she does like some Kpop fashion, like 2NE1’s style but that’s about it. I’m mostly alone in my love of Kpop in the house (sometimes my dad seems to like it or maybe he tolerates it..anyways he’s cool. Mom doesn’t care much for music–I could give her a Kpop playlist and she might not notice it haha).

I am soooooo unmotivated to do the last bit of assignments I have before the semester break. My mind’s gone on vacation and left without me. My on-vacation brain and freezing body do not go well with assignments! You don’t know how many hours I used up getting sidetracked online shopping…ayyayayayyy. Kpop helps me concentrate. Sort of.

Anyways here are FOUR Kpop songs that’s crazy stuck in my head these days.

Tarzan – Wonderboyz
I don’t really know much about this group but I’ve been hooked on this song for a while. I kept going “namanamanamana Tarzan” at home. Ask my sister she’s sick of me trying to sing it (she laughed so much when she found out the guy is singing about wanting to be like Tarzan). Apparently, the beat is reggaeton. I really like the melodic rap that goes on at 0:51. The video is really nice too, I love the transition to movie on TV, photos on magazine, then comic books. Their dance is so cool too. It’s just weird that the lead character is spying on his love interest with the telescope and the ending is…awkward. Hahah.

A.D.T.O.Y. – 2PM
It stands for All Day Thinking Of You. Really addicted to this song. So addicted that I can sing the chorus. It’s also really nice that the official MV has english subtitles. Man oh man. I love the song but the MV is like…okay? I don’t really like it. I think 2PM is good-looking, they’re ripped too so they should totally fit the concept of being sexy. But I just can’t buy their ‘sexiness’ in this MV. The dance..oh the ‘I’m touching my sexy side, now I’m pulling on my pants like it’s falling off’ dance. I’ll just listen to the song hahah.

What’s Happening – B1A4
I’m not addicted to this song but I like it a lot. The MV is so quirky too. The plastic doll faces are just a bit creepy hehe

Smoky Girl – MBLAQ
This is my favourite from this list. It’s not crazy bombastic, more lounge-y, cool kinda vibe. I love the buildup of the song. MBLAQ is also the only group on this list that I really know. I love all of the members, Mir, Joon, G.O., Thunder and Seungho. But Seungho is my fave…*fangirl squeal~ he’s the one with blonde hair. Ahem… Their dance is pretty cool too. Sexy cool hahah. Smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl smoky girl ~ (how many times do they say that?)

Okay enough of fangirling .

See ya!

3 thoughts on “F.O.U.R. Kpop

  1. hahahaha i was going to say…sexy mblaq! but then you put in some mblaq ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cry, Oh Yeah, and Y are my picks for ~sexy~ mblaq mvs…although that’s probably more because of the crying than the bodies….oops

    1. I LOVE CRY!~ ahem sorry…fangirled there, it’s what got me into them. MBLAQ is one of my fave groups. Haha how can I not put them on the list. Their concept is quite different from their earlier ones but I love it ๐Ÿ˜€ sexy ~

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