GAOP: Bubblegum B!tch

For this week’s Gasp! An Outfit Post, I’m wading through dangerous territory by my unsubtle cover-up of a ‘swear word’ (I can already feel my parents giving me the evils for it), and by attempting to emulate Marina and the Diamonds’ album Electra Heart, most specifically, the aesthetic of the later part of the Lonely Hearts Club tour. For all you non-Diamonds, that’s when the queen Marina dyes her hair back to brunette to suit the ‘bubblegum black and pink’ colour scheme of the last leg of her tour.

Being a Bubblegum B!tch means showing your curves with a body-con silhouette and a peeking midriff, and donning loud prints made even more pop-tastic by plastic accessories.

IMG_7474 - Version 2

For me, the highlight of this outfit is the Emma Graffiti skirt, which I recently bought from Boohoo. I love it because of how the words ‘Happy’ and ‘Lucky’ are blown up, repeated, and even set upside down – very postmodern. When you feel like you’re NOT happy or lucky, why not entertain yourself by being ironic? I was in a fairly good mood when I wore this, though, don’t worry 😉


This one is a good day-time or night-time outfit. I can only wear it in the day-time nowadays since it’s winter here in NZ. I’d die of hypothermia if I try wearing this for a night out!


Even if you don’t have a ‘figure like a pin-up’, or a ‘figure like a doll’, you can still be a Bubblegum B!tch. You can wear a crop top even if you have a no-pack like me. You can wear whatever you want! Just own it!


To finish off this GAOP, here’s a photo of my Bubblegum B!tch persona slipping. I was trying to do a cool pose but I lost my balance.


Oh well, at least I tried?



3 thoughts on “GAOP: Bubblegum B!tch

    1. Thanks! and i say, wear it out and wear it proud! clothes shouldn’t be exclusive to some body types 🙂

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