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Hello there! Here’s my Four Others Under the Rainbow post, featuring random photos and random stories. I don’t have lots of updates this time around besides- –  I can’t wait for the break and I’m also slightly procrastinating on my last ever assignment for this semester- – but that’s just a lazy student rant so let’s move to the beef of the post, shall we?

J Block at the Epsom Campus of UoA. I like the art installments around our little campus. When I brought my sister to this campus she couldn’t help but comment on how ‘cute’ it was. She’s based on the larger, main city campus. I can proudly say I’ve studied in 4 UoA campuses already. It’s funny. City campus was where most of the subjects are because of my BSc. Grafton campus, is where med school is – it was my dream – so I took some medsci papers there. Tamaki campus is where the other psychology specialisations are based so I took some papers there when I was getting serious about being a psychologist instead of being a doctor. Now here I am in Epsom campus, where the faculty of education is based, studying Grad Dip to be a teacher. Another U-turn? Oh man I don’t know.

What do you want to be when you grow up has always been a flipfloppy question for me when I was younger.
Autumn leaves and walking with classmates. I love these golden trees. There’s always a time of the day when the sun hits them and they’re like magic. It’s like I want to prance around the tree and wished I was a fairy. Dreamyyyy~ (and also possibly embarrassing haha).

When I first came to New Zealand I got one of those golden leaves and stuck it in a journal.
This wall is out to get you. I always think like this when I pass this wall as I walk home. Like they’re stretching out so they can grab me and strap me to that wall forever. I also sometimes think that something will jump out of thick bushes. And then I will disappear into it but I’m actually going to be transported to another dimension and that wall/bush was a portal. Nobody will notice that something is up because I’m going to leave an astral drop that will take my place as I venture into the unknown. Haha…I loved the W.I.T.C.H. comics as a kid, that’s where I got astral drops (Astral drops are copies of yourself but not so intelligent). I think this imagination is also what makes me slightly afraid to walk around at night.

Other than those random thoughts, I think the wall and the leaves are beautiful.
One of my friends took this photo. I’ve been enjoying having my friends over and ‘teaching’ them some baking. I’m probably going to have a separate post about that. Anyways, it’s interesting to see another person’s perspective using my camera. My friend was on the couch when she took this. That’s her sock, and that sock had a solo photo. I like this photo because it’s another friend’s perspective of a friend. Friendception.
IMG_8058Well that’s all for now folks!

See ya!


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