GAOP: Sweater Love

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Hello hello. Marnelli here! *gasp* What am I doing on this part of the blog?

You thought my sister’s totally taken over the ‘fashion’ bits on the blog, didn’t you? Her outfit posts were awesome. My sister has cool style and great insight to fashion stuff. But…you’re stuck with me this week. *Evil Laugh*

I wanted to get a new sweater this winter and this fits the requirement. Yay for online shopping sales! I don’t shop online so much so I’m always quite excited when a package arrives. I don’t get a lot of packages. *cough*Send me stuff?*cough* (Pretty please?). Haha.
PicMonkey Collage
Sooo.. anyways. On to my outfit. Not much, just something comfortable to wear to church.
I wore a collared shirt underneath with a colour that matches one of the colours on the sweater.
I love these sneaker wedges. They’re comfortable and makes the outfit even more laidback – I think. Plus, any added height is always welcome when you’re 4’11. Haha..
I accessorized with a red bag because there were small parts on the sweater that was red. Can’t help but be matchy matchy. Here’s my second favourite part of the outfit, my teddy bear earrings!
Sweater from, Collared shirt from Lacoste, Skirt from Dotti, Sneaker Wedges from Wildpair, Bag from Next, Earrings from an Asian shop at Queen Street.
Don’t you think my outfit matches with these sweets?
They’re mini bunny and bear cakes. I made them as a gift for my friend. The eyes are made of candy melts with melted chocolate and sesame seeds. The bows are from sour chews (heated for a bit in the microwave, then rolled and formed into shape–need more practice with them.. hehe). I had these candy hearts since February, when I made valentines brownies. I really want to do this again and try another way of decorating.

My sis is busy directing her short film, Killing Bambi, check out their page. My sister won’t be back until the weekend, woe is me. I miss her already!

Okiedokies, that’s all for now. See ya!


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