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Wow it’s been one crazy week for me – but it’s a good kind of crazy! From Monday to Saturday I was working onset of KILLING BAMBI, a short film I wrote and directed with my friend Gorjan. Call times were mostly at 4pm, and filming carried on as late as 3am, but exhaustion was merely in a physical sense for me – thanks to the warm and enriching atmosphere created by the crew and cast.

This post isn’t KILLING BAMBI related. I just wanted to give kudos to the people who contributed to the production.  If you guys are interested we post film stills and behind-the-scenes photos on Facebook.

Now on to the F.O.U.R post!


When you first move into a rented house one of the things you should do is take photos of defective appliances, dirty cupboards, holes on the wall – all the flaws you can find – so when the landlord or property manager accuses you of breaking something or whatever, you can tell them ‘hey, that wasn’t my fault, [that thing] was the way it was when I first got here’. It’s such a drag, really, especially when you move around a lot and have to do this over and over again, like I do. As a solution to this tedious task, I started taking these photos in a kind of artsy way. The photo below is a sample from my Flat Inspection Photoshoot. It kinda has a postmodern still life feel to it, don’t you think?



This photo was taken back in 2013 from the house I grew up in, in the Philippines. Those glass ‘teardrops’ used to just randomly detach and shatter on the floor – to my entertainment as a youngster.



There is a specific time of the day when one of the kitchen windows in our flat becomes a perfect light source for a shadow play. My sis and I entertained ourselves for a good quarter of an hour when we first discovered this haha. Below is a photo of my sister’s shadow as she popped and locked like a real G.


Here’s an art idea: make a painting/mini sculpture out of expired cosmetics. It’s guaranteed to pass time, and make you feel less bad to throw these things away after.

(If I’m not mistaken, I did this little art project when I was a very bored and recluse 15-year-old 😉 )

That’s it for now, folks.

See you in my next GAOP.


2 thoughts on “F.O.U.R

  1. lol. Love your Flat Inspection Photoshoot picture. Very nice. I don’t think I did this when we first moved in. I kind of wish we had though.

    I also need to do a For Insurance Purposes Photoshoot in case anyone ever pulls a heist on us. I can only hope I can get my photos as artsy as yours.

    Oh and makeup expires? I knew that…I just don’t have the heart to throw stuff out. It’s terrible.

    1. that reminds me – i do have a folder of photos for insurance! i am yet to browse my hard drive for them, but i doubt i put much thought in taking them as much as my flat inspection photos hahah

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