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Hello hello. It’s the last week of the break. Oh well. I’m not really sure what to talk about now. Most of the week was just spent meeting with friends, eating then cleaning up the house.

My sister’s back in the house! I’m quite happy about that.  I missed her even though it’s only been a few days. I wonder how I’ll be when I finally try and work overseas. Oh my.

So anyways. On to Four Other Under the Rainbow. It’s really random this time, just because. hahah.

Fierce. haha.. My sister turning on the flea bomb. We bombed the house about a month ago. We were *forced* to go window shopping for at least 3 hours that day. Before leaving, we hung the laundry outside and off we went to the city. An hour later it started raining. Ooops…not that we could just rush back home and place the laundry indoors. There really is no point in that story, I just thought of it when I saw the photo. Hah.
I had a fairy tea party for my 21st birthday a couple of years ago. I still find it funny that I didn’t suspect anything when I walked into the cottage’s door.
A really really old photo. My young, adorable parents and the younger and more adorable versions of me and my sis.
Yeah I used to be kind of cool. Senior year high school. Front left, that’s me splitting. Hahaha…

That’s all for now. See ya later!


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