GAOP: Wannabe

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Whaaaaa.. Marnelli’s in an outfit post again? Gasp An Outfit Post is really regular now isn’t it? My sis and I are going to alternate from this week onwards. Next week it’s going to be her, just to make it fun.
I want to be a lot of things. Wearing certain outfits sort of help me be one of those things. Soooo…
What do I want to be here?
I’m still addicted to Kpop. I can’t help it. I’m starting to watch Korean reality tv shows too haha. Omg. Must get it out of my system before the semester begins.

I want to dress like them. I already kind of dress like them–in the smallest way–through my love of accessories. You could even add my bleached hair to that formula haha.
Do I look cool yet? Hahah.. No. Oh well. I’m still a dork with a polkadot skirt and tights. Glasses off or not.
Okay time for details.

Thrifted chiffon shirt, Equip necklace (my sis bought it for one of the characters for her short film)

Old cap from San Jose, CA. Not that I’ve been there. My relatives live there. I miss my little cousins who live there.

Romwe skirt (First time buying from them. Finally gave in to inspirations haha.), Glassons tights, Rockport boots

This skirt makes me want to twirl around and do all kinds of kpop dance moves. I had a lot of photos of me trying ‘aegyo’…but it’s too much to post. Whatcha think of my kpop inspired ensemble?

Okay that’s all for now. See ya!




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