GAOP: Classic Quirk


A personal fashion rule of mine is to never wear a monochrome outfit. I can wear a black dress with black tights and black shoes, and not to mention my black hair, but I have to have at least 1 vibrant colour on me. For me, the idea of an all-black outfit as edgy is quite overblown, especially now that it’s winter and everyone’s expected to look as glum as the sky.

This GAOP is a typical winter look of mine. Black and white dress + tights + kitten heels + red sunglasses and coat, my 2 statement pieces.

Hold on, let me take off the coat to show you the dress’ detail.


The print is like a variation of a tuxedo outline, with real buttons to add dimension. To be honest I prefer this one because it’s less common. Also, because it’s a cross between a French maid uniform and business casual dress, which is SUPA KAWAII if you ask me.


Another aspect of my personal style that shows through in this outfit is how I balance out a body con dress with something slightly baggy. Not only does this add character, but it also makes the outfit comfortable enough to sleep in.




And to end this GAOP, here’s a photo of me by the kitchen sink. As you can see it doesn’t go with the other photos at all but I just wanted to add this one in ’cause I like its slanted frame and how the ‘Classic’ sign is in the background. Kudos for this photo goes to my sis as usual xx



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