Random Eats


Hello hello!

Hope you’re having a good week. This week I’m back in uni and back to reality. I have to admit my schedules are not as grating as some. I’m quite happy about that. I can’t believe that half the year is over and I’m sort of halfway to becoming a teacher. I haven’t been baking as much as I wanted. I’m trying not to consume my weight in sugar, haha. Too lazy to diet, too lazy to exercise…So trying not to indulge much these days haha.

Okiedokies. I’m not sure where my intro is going but here’s Random Eats. Yay! (Yes, yes. My smooth transitions are incredible.)

The first part is from a dinner out with the family last Mother’s day. I know that’s a while back. I can’t even remember the restaurant we went to. Whoops. Anyways here’s the food we ate.
Mushroom risotto.
Chicken and veg. My descriptions are so basic, no? I can’t even remember how they tasted. Argh. Tsk tsk.
Seafood platter and pasta.

On to the next round. Eating at home.

Mom freaks out when I suddenly take out the camera during normal dinners. But hey I’m thankful for the meal every time so this is to show my appreciation. Besides eating like I’m running out of food, sharing on my blog is another form of appreciation.

Our family loves watching Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals, so mom tried making paprika chicken from one of the episodes. Turned out great! Tasty and perfectly cooked. When cut, the inside is so juicy. Good job mom! Heheh..

This is a modified paella. It’s Filipino style or mom’s style. Don’t worry, we didn’t eat all of it in one sitting. Haha..

And then, stuff I ate at home but wasn’t made at home. Haha.

Puto. We bought these from the Filipino food stalls outside church after sunday mass. We usually buy puto with dinuguan (blood stew). I really should make these at home. I’m being such a Lazy McLazypants for not doing so, I’m told that they’re easy to make.

This is Zongzi. My friend gave them to me as part of Duanwu or Dragon Boat Festival on the 12th of June. So cool. It was the first time I received one so I was quite excited. Hahah.

June 12 is also the Philippine Independence Day. I didn’t know how to celebrate it so I just read through historical stuff and debates on whether Filipinos should really celebrate it on the 12th. I grew up in the Philippines, I studied there until high school but I am so lacking with Philippine history it’s a bit sad.

See what’s inside the zongzi. Nom nom nom. I love sticky rice.

Last round, conveniently eating out when fuh-reaking hungry. This was when I came to Newmarket to go to Hello Kitty Cafe. I didn’t end up eating there that day because it was full and my friend and I were too hungry to wait. We ended up eating some quesadillas nearby.

My second attempt at going to Hello Kitty Cafe. My sister and I filled up on donburi and sushi then reserved dessert for the Hello Kitty place haha.
IMG_7891That’s it for Random Eats.

See ya!





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