GAOP: Colour

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Hello hello. It seems like I’m the only person on this blog this week. hahah.

I’m here for Gasp! An Outfit Post again. Don’t worry my sis is still around and she still has loads of stuff to share with you. She’s working on a new feature for the blog that incorporates her other passions. Stay tuned for that!

The week has been great. University life is fine, besides the pile of readings I haven’t done. Uh oh. I also have to write my teaching philosophy. It’s quite hard trying to find the words to describe what you believe in. Reflection is hard. Oh well. Just do it, right? Anyways let’s move on to the outfit post.

So..this outfit is what I consider the most comfortable of my usual ensembles. I know a shirt or combo is usually considered the most comfortable for others but it’s just a bit constricting for me. Hahah. Unless it’s baggy everything. My sister would frown at me when I dress like I just rolled out of bed, I try to accessorise to look more presentable.
This outfit is sister approved though.
It’s almost like Harajuku style but on a really small budget. I love looking at Harajuku fashion. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull off most of them, but it would be fun to try some of them.

Besides trying to channel Harajuku fashion, I also look like I could be an 80s exercise instructor on VHS. My tights and socks combination are a dead giveaway. I only need a pogo stick, or big hair.
#selfie time. Haha…I’m sorry but I’m the kind of person who takes selfies quite often. Not everyday but if you follow me on instagram there’s quite a number of them. And this is what looks like on the other side of the instagram filter.
Shameless. Hahah. But who cares, let’s just all be silly. Fashion is playing around, really.

Earrings and sweater, thrifted. Glassons dress and belt. Garage (The Warehouse) shoes. Socks and tights, Farmer’s.  Bracelets, from friends. Hello Kitty iPhone case, from one of the Asian shops on Queen Street. — I want to say outfit on a budget but most of my outfits are like that anyways. Hahah.

See ya!



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