GAOP: Crash Course to Neverland


I’m back, as promised! For this week’s GAOP, I’ll be sharing some tips for a quirky day-to-night outfit. And when I say quirky, I mean, just off the standards of what constitutes day-wear and night-wear.

Here goes!



My sister actually took this photos in the afternoon, so this outfit’s day-to-night versatility was really tried and tested by yours truly. My day-time schedule that day comprised of having a stroll around town then going to a film rehearsal. So tip numero uno if you’re going for quirky day-wear: set practicality aside. For the rehearsal I had to be up on my feet for 3 hours, so of course I’d wear pinching platforms.


Tip numero dos: look like you made a lot of effort in your look. I like matching my being overdressed with a structured hairdo. For this outfit, I chose the bouffant.


I actually had a reason for looking slightly ridiculous for the day-time. I was going to a stein at The Cloud after rehearsal, and that was Peter Pan themed. I know, I know, it’s pretty half-assed of me to turn up wearing a green dress with a Peter Pan collar. But, anyway, that leads me to tip numero tres if you’re going for a quirky day-to-night, wear something that’s modelled on a costume.

Note how this outfit isn’t particularly something you’d wear when you’re hitting the clubs in town. And that brings me to numero cuatro, which is possibly the most important in the art of creating a quirky day-to-night outfit, make sure that what you’re wearing doesn’t meet the standards for both day-wear and night-wear.



That’s it for now, dearies!

Till next time ๐Ÿ™‚


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