GAOP: Extra Ears

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Hello hello!

I’m back with another Gasp! An Outfit Post 😀 This is the last outfit post I shot with my old hair. I’ve been posting my old outfit posts before my haircut and lighter hair. The photos seem really old for me as the roots of my new hair are already showing.  Oh the problem with naturally black hair. Hahhaha…

Anyways here I am with my old hair.
I’ve been wanting to get denim overalls and pinafores for a while now. But I haven’t found anything cheap enough and nice enough for me. Tough times. Buuuuuuuuut there is good news. My mom has this old denim dress that she got in her early 20s – just a few moments before I popped in to this world. BTW She was flipping hot- I’m nowhere near how she was at my age.

You can see a glimpse in the next photo, my 20 something mom is wearing this denim dress. BTW I love my sister’s polka dot pajamas haha.

I miss our old photo albums. They’re still stuck in a box in the Philippines. Seriously, when I get my hands on them you will see when I started to become a fashion conscious. Me rocking my sleepwear here shows that it wasn’t this age. But did you know that a type of Harajuku fashion incorporates pajama pants into their look? With teddy bear accessories and whatnot. Like this one. I was ahead of fashion! Hahah.


Okay, back to the present.. I love this dress with this shirt. Denim and tartan work well together. I want more of these shirts now haha. Like a girly lumberjack. Oh yeah.
Plus..random spikes are always fun to have around.

I really should get more tartan. I just realised how fun it is to dress up with. Aaaaand… maybe just maybe I get a shot at looking a bit Kpop. Kinda like F(x).. My younger self would definitely try to dance like them. No actually I still would like to try and dance like them.

F(x) in Rum Pum Pum. Which outfit should I try?

I know..I’m so cool I’m almost Kpop (yeah, right).  But then I break my cover when I fix my sunglasses (like I would with my actual glasses) like the nerd that I am.
These extra ears on my adorable hat is a reminder that, yes, I will never grow up. My pajama wearing self would definitely love it too.


old Wrangler denim dress| Dotti tartan shirt| Le Specs sunnies| Scarf Queen hat| Rockport boots.

That’s all for now folks 😀

See ya!


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