Apricot and Chocolate Brioche


Hello hello hellooooooo…
How are you all doing? Late postings again. I blame uni assignments but really it’s my awesome time management skills (haha). I’m quite excited to do my assignments though. I just came from the carpentry shop in uni to make one of my assignments. It’s going to be a little time consuming because I made a sort of snakes and ladders board game but with a bit of a twist. If it turns out nicely I’m going to share it with you 😀

Anyways I’m here and I have something sweet again. Yay!
Apricot and chocolate brioche. You guysss, I made bread! I also made it by hand. A very sticky situation I got myself into. I really wanted to eat brioche so even though I couldn’t find the dough hook attachment for my hand mixer I just went forward! I watched a Youtube video on kneading the sticky dough by hand so I wasn’t too clueless when I chose to do that. I also chose to knead the dough in the bowl because it was going to stick like crazy to the countertop. This meant I kneaded with one hand because I had to hold the bowl down. Haha. My right arm was sore for a couple of days. Tsk tsk.
PicMonkey1 Collage
PicMonwkey Collage

Mmm dried apricots and chocolate. One for me, one for the brioche, one for me, one for the brioche…
I love the texture of this bread. Soft and light… I’m not sure if brioche is really supposed to be like this but it turned out well, I think. (It feels right? Hahah) The only difference I would’ve made was to sprinkle some sugar when I put the egg wash. Just because I wanted it sweeter.

Once again I was chasing light in the afternoon. I don’t know why I do this to myself. Frantically grabbing the camera before the ‘golden hour’ passes. I wonder if I should just make a lightbox for myself.  I could go to the carpentry shop in uni and pretend it’s for my teaching work haha. Nahhh too lazy for that. I already exerted too much effort walking up and down the campus looking for people just to get into that place this week. I’m not ready to do that again anytime soon.

But then again. Sometimes it’s worth it getting sore calves for a piece of board.

In this case, a sore arm for brioche.
IMG_8888Got the recipe from SortedFood, didn’t change anything… except the kneading part.

Hey guys if you didn’t know I’m hosting Sweet New Zealand #25 this month. If you’re a kiwi overseas, a kiwi in NZ or a person living in NZ (like me!) join our link party 😀 (Click the link above for more info ^^)

You can add old posts to the link as well, as long as you edit the post with the badge and link it (or email me at sweetsandbrains@gmail.com). Don’t forget to link it by the end of August. Also don’t forget…Keep it sweet 😀

that’s all for now folks, see ya!


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