Sweet New Zealand #25 The Roundup

Hello hello hellooooooo. Welcome to the August roundup of Sweet New Zealand. This sweet linkup was created by blogger and food writer Alessandra Zecchini. It’s an awesome way to discover and connect with other New Zealand food bloggers. I just found out about it last month and I’ve already discovered so much food blog awesomeness. And tadah here I am hosting that cluster of awesomeness.

First up are Spiced Apple Cookie’wiches with browned butter (oh man I know just the title sounds appetizing already) by Christina from De La Casa. She brought these cookie’wiches to a hiking trip and they were so good that bears wanted to have a bite too..

Not only did the bears in Canada miss out on those cookie’wiches but they also missed out on Christina’s Chocolate Kahlúa Crêpe Cake. It looks gorgeous, no? Too bad for bears but hooray for Christina’s friends who got to enjoy this. And yay for us for Christina sharing double awesomeness.

Next up is Sweet New Zealand’s creator, Alessandra Zecchini with Amaretti Biscuits dessert. Alessandra said that her children made this dessert, awesome kids. Auckland needs to warm up so I can try these for myself. Mmmm…

Alessandra also linked up Passion Fruit Meringues from her Only Recipes blog. She makes meringues and doesn’t measure sugar and goes by ear. That is so cool, such a pro. The meringues were so tropical and fragrant that normal meringues can’t compete. Oooooh…

Next up, Frances from Bake Club makes Beetroot Chocolate Mud Cake. I know right, Beetroots. You know what’s even more amazing with Frances’ cake? It’s raw. Cooooool. This totally made me curious. Excuse me while I google psyllium husks and tamari.

To all our gluten free and dairy free friends, Carmella from Easy Food Hacks has your sweet tooth sorted. Her Orange Syrup Cake sounds like all kinds of wonderful. Simple ingredients, no added oil, plus I learned a new way of working with oranges. Time to buy oranges!

Who wants to fall in love with red velvet? Anna from Sunday Dreamings put her chemist hat on and ended up falling in love with the Red Velvet Cupcakes she made. She wasn’t the only one in love because these cupcakes were a hit in the bake sale.

Are you a dunker or not? That is the question posed by Mrs. Pot from Mrs. Pot and Mr. Lid when she shared Quinoa and Almond Cookies. Her twist on the classic ANZAC biscuit is definitely worth a dunk or two in cup of English Breakfast tea. I have my cup, now where’s my cookie?

Next up, we have Monica from Delissimon. She made enormous Raspberry Muffins, big enough so that her husband feels manly about eating them. Sweet and simple. Nom nom nom…

Mairi from Toast made Ottolenghi’s Dark Chocolate Mousse with Bailey’s and Mascarpone Cream. All I can say is OMG. WHAT. Seriously. I’m dead when it comes to chocolate mousse. Yes Mairi I do have that other tummy for desserts. Chocolate has captured me. Hook, line and sinker.

Next up, Lesley from Eat, etc. made beautiful and scrumptious Chocolate Caramel Banoffee Tarts. She shared it at a food bloggers’ afternoon tea and now she’s sharing it with us. Wish I came knocking on their door that afternoon, because these tarts look yummmmm.

Last but not the least, Arfi from HomeMadeS made Gluten Free Rustic Apple Pie. Apple pie is such a homey, cozy kind of dish. Arfi’s pie is special because the apples came from her own orchard. How awesome is that? From tree to plate it really does have a rustic charm.

I really enjoyed hosting Sweet New Zealand this month. I discovered so many food blogs and saw so much delicious sweet food (not always good when you’re up at night and tummy is rumbling hahaha). Thank you to this month’s participants and thank you Alessandra for letting me host. Next month’s host is Carmella from Easy Food Hacks. Check her blog out 😀

It’s  interesting that I was asked to host Sweet New Zealand in August because this is also the month when I became a New Zealand citizen. Yep. That’s right guys and gals, yours truly is officially kiwi since tuesday, the 27th. And on that bombshell I leave you with my contribution to Sweet New Zealand this month. Apricot and Chocolate Brioche.IMG_8887Sweet as!


8 thoughts on “Sweet New Zealand #25 The Roundup

  1. Great roundup Marnelli and congratulation on becoming a Kiwi yourself! Post something about the ceremony, would you? I remember mine, very nice, and I can sing the national anthem in Te Reo too :-).

    Thank you again for hosting!


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