Our Growing Edge for September 2013

Food is more than just sustenance. Food is fun. Food is social. Food is an adventure. You know how books can transport you to different places? Food does that too. There is adventure in trying out a dish for the first time. Even more of an adventure when you burn something in the kitchen. What about your first foray into a new restaurant? Ticking something off the foodie bucket list? I guess this is why a lot of people start food blogs. There’s so much to share, learn and grow.

Our Growing Edge is all about that. This event, created by Genie from Bunny. Eats. Design. is about achieving a food related challenge that you have been meaning to do (or redo).

Our Growing Edge is open to anyone. To enter, you must blog about achieving a food related challenge. As long as it is food related and new to you, you can share your newly learned knowledge with the group. Check out more details here (rules and whatnot).

To add your post just click the inlinkz widget at the bottom of this post 😀

This month Sweets and Brains will be your host and I can’t wait to see all of your new food discoveries. September is my birth month so this will be like opening birthday presents through other people’s blogs. Yayyyyyy!

First off I would like to introduce Sweets and Brains.
That’s me (Marnelli) on the right and my sis, Christienne. I do most of the cooking and baking but I’m hoping I could get my sister in the kitchen more often now that she’s decided to join Sweets and Brains. She’s an awesome writer and is definitely adding growth to the blog (stuff coming up!). If I get her to bake something and blog about it, that would be Growing Edge appropriate, right? Fingers crossed.

In the spirit of sharing, here are some photos of my friends baking. They came over to my house a couple of times to bake. I was showing them how easy and fun baking is.Heheh.. Getting to know people with food is super awesome 😀

This one’s a dinosaur on top of a pig..hahah

Fun times! Thank you to my friends 😀
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See ya!


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