Yumcha Adventures: Sun World Chinese Restaurant

IMG_9021Ni hao!

Food adventure time outside the house again! Yayyy! I’ve been eating a lot of Chinese food outside the house these days. It’s quite fun because I always go with my Mandarin speaking friends so I can just sit back and enjoy.

I haven’t had yum cha for a long time, well ’til this year. I had yum cha a few months ago but I didn’t bring my camera, phooey… I’m a bit shameless with my camera now but only with friends and family. I guessed I wouldn’t have been able to go all food-bloggy on that first time because I was with people I didn’t know so well hahah. It would’ve been awkward.
These guys are always near the front of the house. But we didn’t come here for that.
Anyways..to prepare ourselves for assignments, my friends from my ECE classes and I had yum cha. By the way, thank you to my friend, May for helping me name them. Okiedokies. Here we go. First off, Deep fried pork and taro puffs. The wrapper is cool, I wonder how it’s made.

Deep fried squid. Nom nom nom.
Steamed pork dim sum aka siu mai. In the Philippines we call this siomai- so close. I love hearing the common/almost similar names Filipinos have with other countries. Found out common names between Malaysia and Philippines. And did you know that the Maori and Tagalog/Filipino word for eyes are the same – mata. Fun with words.
Steamed chives dumpling.
Tea time between bites!
Slightly spicy stir fried rice noodles. Noooommm.
Chicken Feet! It was my first time to eat it. The sauce was very nice.
Onto the sweet stuff!!! Yay!
Sesame ball stuffed with black bean paste.
Youtiao. Nom nom nom. It’s Chinese donut. One of my faves. Love the peanut sauce drizzling around it. Mmmmmm…
The wonderful wonderful world of custard buns! I loooove these. I love anything sweet, okay. But this is one of my top loves at yum cha.
Egg tarts!
Last. Mochi ice cream. Well they didn’t call it that but I don’t remember what they called it…
That’s all for this episode of yumchaness. Tune in next week for another episode. No really that’s not a joke. I went to yumcha again. Nom nom nom.

Also… Happy birthday to me. Guess how old I am now hahah


11 thoughts on “Yumcha Adventures: Sun World Chinese Restaurant

      1. Yumcha faves… ermm yuba rolls are divine!!! So are scallop dumplings! And nori fish rolls. ^_^
        Oooh I know one more! Bawang!!! I remember my Filipino flatmate used to munch on Bawang Boy. 🙂 xxx

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