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Hello there! Hope everyone’s had a good week. The weekend started out awesome today for me. My family and I went to the French market and ate lots of awesome things! Watch out for my random snaps from the market here on the blog. For now, we’re keeping the random snaps unrelated to food because I do think of other things besides food (haha yeah right). Okiedokies here we go Four Others Under the Rainbow.

Maori performance during the New Zealand citizenship ceremony.Yeah man I mentioned a little while back that I’m now a NZ citizen! Wooo! No more profiling us as suspicious asians. Haha. (Actually that was just my mom. She got questioned and whatnot when she came to Sydney for work. Oh the joys of Philippine passports) The ceremony was long and I had to clap for ages because there were a lot of us new citizens. But I still thought it was cool especially when these guys performed. They performed a sweet waiata(song) and then went all out with the haka. They are always intense (like red-faced-you-can-see-the-pressure-in-their-veins-so-much-power intense)when they do the haka…just freaking awesome. I also felt a little proud of myself because it seemed like I was the only one who understood when the host said e noho. It means sit down but nobody moved so he had to repeat in English heheh…High five to my ECE studies and learning more Maori words.

Fashiooooon. Sometimes I really want to stop people to ask them to pose for outfit/accessories photos. I don’t mostly because I’m chicken and they might be disappointed with my photo of them haha. Here I am ninja shooting my friend when we were paying the bill after having yumcha at Pearl Garden. Don’t worry I’ll get better at this ninja-ing. Or I’ll just ask them to pose next time haha.

Random note from a stranger. When I walk around Newmarket I usually see an old man with shells and stuff near the Glassons shop. That day I was walking with my friends and he was passing copies of a letter to people. So we took it and read it. First off, he has nice handwriting and reminds me of my grandparents and their beautiful penmanship. Anyways this letter was him ranting about how much he hates the royals (Interestingly, I’m listening to Lorde’s Royals as I write this) and that NZ is not free. Basically, his argument is that we are all equal human beings so the royals, being higher and all, are pigs for existing and that we should throw crap at them. He actually did throw manure at the royals and got jailed for it. He also thought that this medium was the only way he could share his story because no one would give him the airtime, obviously because he’s thrown crap at someone others looked up to. Setting that aside,  it also made me kind of wonder why there are royals. I know bits of history and yes I am quite conscious that I took an oath to be in allegiance with the crown (the queen and all her descendants) and all that. There’s also a benefit in being part of the commonwealth and I also know that the crown is sort of making up for past transgressions with Maori. But I don’t know. It’s not wrong to ask why, right? Oh shoot whatever. Anyways it’s always good to listen to other perspectives especially when it’s not part of the dominant discourse (listening isn’t agreeing). Everybody deserves some kind or airtime in our heads. If you kept reading up to this point, thank you for the airtime.
On a lighter random thing, look at New Zealand’s beauty. Breathtaking. This was taken at the summit at Rangitoto Island. My friend’s visiting American friend, was all like “It’s so beautiful it looks fake”. Like a poster you can just reach out to and grab. We were so fortunate we came at a perfect spring day. That week was full of random showers but the sky was so clear that day. It’s seriously WOW. We came there at the earliest time possible and left at the latest. I was soooooo tired but had so much fun. Need to go back and explore more.
IMG_9608Okiedokies that’s all FOUR now. See ya!



2 thoughts on “F.O.U.R.

    1. Haha yeah the haka is super cool! Such an awesome way to start the rugby match. Yeah I have a couple of friends who shoot street photos and they’re so ninja they don’t look at their camera and just keep on clicking from their waist. Hahha..

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