Random Eats

photo-3I’m a procrastinator. It’s probably one of my worst traits ever. I think I became like this because I used to get away with it too much when I was in high school. Doing everything in the last minute – going nuts for a few hours or a couple of days- then normalisation again. Of course, after every event I’d scold myself for not using my time well blah blah act like a grownup blah blah blah be responsible blah blah blah how are you going to live on  your own blah blah blah you’re not 16 anymore. After stressing I relax too much and then put off stuff again and.. well you know how it goes.

I pretty much fit into all the procrastinator types except for delegator (I may be lazy but not lazy enough to make others do my stuff haha). Right now I’m being the sidetracker and snacker. Ooops. So here’s some Random Eats. I promise to get back to my assignments after posting this. Hahahah…
Donut?…cronut? Oh yeah. Found a local bakery who made their cronuts.
Thanksgiving feast for becoming kiwis.
Huevos Rancheros
Pesto pasta from my favourite foodie aunt haha. I will try to do this myself one of these days, it’s on my mental lists of what to do.
Peanut butter cupcakes from the same awesome aunt. Puh-retty
Just kidding, those were candles. But the next ones are going to be edible.
iPad menus. Cool, right?
duck duck and more food

Cheesecake 😀
My aunt’s birthday cake. We were celebrating her 50th. 😀 The Cake’s from Rocket Kitchen. I think Rocket Kitchen’s a favourite these days.
Sorry I couldn’t remember a lot of details from most of the foods. Oh well. That’s why they’re in Random Eats, right?

If your Random Eats is a more adventurous than this or you’ve done a food related challenge you might want to join us at Our Growing Edge. Check it out 😀

Okiedokies that’s all for now. See ya!


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