GAOP: Repressive State Apparatus

Nothing says fierce like a rough, dystopian aesthetic. For this week’s GAOP, I combine the harshness of leatherette, metal, and army print. The result:


I really enjoyed the shoot for this outfit because I got to look like I can beat someone up. I owe it to my camouflage jacket, of course. I have to thank my uncle in the Philippines for giving me the jacket, though I imagine that he didn’t mean to the first place. Not that I’m saying he’s a kind of a Scrooge or anything! It’s just that the reason why he gave the jacket to me is because he couldn’t wear it in the place he lives in – General Santos. Apparently, it’s dangerous for civilians to wear camouflage jackets in public because terrorists might  mistake them for actual soldiers and shoot them down.

Now, onto the details!


I accessorise my cut-out crop top, which I got from Valley Girl, with my new favourite necklace which I got from Dotti for $2!


Excuse me for the smudged eyeliner, but I just wanted to show off another new favourite accessory – my evil eye earring (from Jay Jays). I love how it’s the cherry on top for this police state dystopian look – if you’ve read George Orwell’s 1984, you’ll know what i mean 😀


Anyway, that’s it for now! See you on my next post 🙂


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