Our Growing Edge, September 2013 Roundup

our-growing-edge-bannerHello hello and welcome to Our Growing Edge Roundup for September 2013. Yay! Our Growing Edge is a monthly link up party created for sharing the first times, the experiments and awesomeness of food-related challenges. So many inspiring folks linked up for September, check them out!
PicMonkey CollageFirst off, Sharon from Sweet Home Chefs cooked up her version of Ayam Percik to commemorate Malaysia’s Independence Day. Oven roasted and looks so good!

I would love this dish with rice. Speaking of rice, how about some paella? Eva from Kitchen Inspirations whipped up Salmon Chorizo for the first time for her fish based paella. 

Rice round 3. Get your sushi on! Danielle from Keeping up with The Holsbys made some Brown Rice Sushi. She also added Asahi beer would go well with it. Mmmm nom nom nom.

Here’s another beer match. Dos Amigos Home Brewing Co. made some Beer Nachos! Looks like an awesome weekend treat. Delicioso!

Sooooo…back to the topic of rice related stuff how about some risotto? Phuong from My Kitchen of Love made some Lemony Prawn and Pea Risotto. Oh Risotto infatuations. Good luck on your dissertation, Phuong!

Meanwhile, MJ from The Adventures of MJ and the Hungryman made a healthy twist to risotto using barley. Her Sweet Corn Barley Risotto certainly looks delicious…mmmm cornnnnn

So much love for risotto. I remember a little while back, Our Growing Edge’s founder Genie from Bunny Eats Design made some awesome risotto too. This time around she ticked another thing from her foodie bucket list, Creamy Aioli. Gotta try this.

More new things! Charleston Foodie Bucket List searched for and tried out a restaurant called Wild Olive where she enjoyed and was amazed by anchovies and agnolotti.

Okiedokies more food adventures. This time let’s jump to the sweet side of things. Sweet stuff don’t come around easily all the time though. After trying and trying and trying, The Cooking Chook finally conquered Croissants! Wow! They look amazing.

Cath from Confessions of a Glutton also shows that practice makes perfect with Portuguese Custard Tarts. The same recipe does come out differently for different people. Glad this time this was a tasty success!

Speaking of recipes behaving differently, Chef Janet Rorschach made Candied Hazelnuts for the first time with no thanks to Martha Stewarts recipes. Hahaha… Anyways her own version was made with Gateaux au Noisettes, Warm Vanilla Infused Nectarine Compote and Frangelico Cream

Ready for a different kind of food adventure? How about Nom Nom Panda’s wacky wonder that is Chocolate Cheese Fudge? Whaaaat? I know right, I don’t even know what to think hahaha. So crazy, but hey if it tastes good you can forget its weirdness hehe

Next up, how about Bacon Jam. OMG the thought of bacon in jam… it really makes me wonder. Anna from The Bashful Bao made some Bacon Jam Pop Tarts with Chocolate or Maple Glaze and Sea Salt. It look really good that I might give this bacon jam thing a go.

Time for a healthy spin on sweets. First off, SmashCakes made Apple Blueberry Pie with Spelt Pastry. I also learned from her that spelt only contains one strand of gluten so it’s easily digestible for gluten free folks.  Cool.

My Utensil Crock also creates something we all know and love but by using whole wheat flour instead. She Chocolate Chunk Cookies for her friend who doesn’t eat white flour. Lucky, it looks so delicious. I want one now.

Last but not the least, here’s some healthy chocolate mousse by Felicia from Dish by Dish. The secret? Avocadoes. Mmmm…interesting. Her Chocolate Avocado Mousse is definitely wonderful for welcoming the changing of seasons. 

My contribution for this month is a childhood treat from the central region of the Philippines. Piyaya. Tried this for the first time and I’m so happy I did. piyaya

To close the September roundup is this month’s host, Alice from Nom Nom Cat.  She made homemade filled pasta for the first time. So cool! Guess what her Lemon-Ricotta Tortellinis look like.

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap for the September roundup for Our Growing Edge.  Hope you’ll join us this month too! Thanks Genie for letting me host! 😀 And thank you to everyone for sharing the awesomeness.


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