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Hello hello and welcome to this week’s FOUR post. I know I’ve been a bit absent and irregular in posting but I just finished the lectures component of my Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Woooo! So if my grades are fine (I’ve already calculated the worst marks I could get and I believe it would still become a pass hehe) my 7 week practicum is all that’s left. It’s a big deal because they could hire me afterwards and that would be so awesome. Ah anyways I will work hard. For now, I will savour my short break. Four Others Under the Rainbow here we goooo..

From the carpentry shop in uni. Came there to make a board game. It turned out well. Will post photos sometime..I keep forgetting to photograph it. So noisy in this place because of the electric saws but it’s really cool. However, I have no gift for carpentry. I hate manually sawing stuff. I love the big scary machines. Haha…I actually just want to get boards and paint on them but then my sis would probably be like ‘why are you hoarding random stuff under you bed?!’. << because I already do it now… *shifty eyes* Hey there are no mason jars under there though..not yet.

Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s a baby hedgehog. My friends and I just saw this little one in the middle of a grassy area in the park. Obviously we couldn’t help ourselves and swarmed the poor thing like it was Kpop idol and we were rabid fangirls. Then my friend said that they usually only come out in the open during daylight when they’re going to die. Oh no! I hope our loner friend here was just lost and wasn’t really going into the light… “No Sonic, don’t go into the light!”

It’s a slightly older photo of my hair. It’s more yellow than orange now (When I was still volunteering at the lab one of the moms told her kid “look she’s ginga[ginger] like you” heheh). I know I’m being narcissistic but I like this photo of my hair hahaha…With the random curls because I just came from the salon. I had a dream that the centre I was going to work in wanted people to look ‘natural’ and so they ordered me to dye my hair back to black. Oh the horror!!! But it wasn’t as bad as the nightmare I had when I dreamt my teeth went all crooked and deformed. I didn’t spend my teens in braces for that to happen! Oh dreams.

I actually don’t remember this guy’s name (maybe Tom?) dunno. He’s my friend’s friend and I only met the people that day we went up to Mt. Rangitoto. Super cool. Anyways I like this photo because if I was a hipster I can insert a really dramatic quote on top plus lens flare. Hahah..I need to be more outdoorsy and since it’s spring I shall be! I also need to learn how to work my camera…because well..I actually don’t know how to use it to its full potential. To do list: Write a to do list that includes writing a bucket list.

Okiedokies. That’s all FOUR now folks. See ya!


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