GAOP: Pretend Sport

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 6.17.26 PMHello hello. Time for Gasp! An Outfit Post, this time with Marnelli. Pretend Sport, why? Well I’m not much of a sporty person. I wish I was but I’m just not that interested. I’d probably look wayyyyy wayyyy different if I was. Haha.. What’s a good/easy sport to get into for an indoors-y person like me? Suggestions?

I’m trying to walk/jog again since it’s spring. I also might try and get back to indoor rock climbing. Maybe I should give badminton a chance? My parents still have those awesome rackets- they used to be really serious but dad hurt his foot so they stopped playing. Oh I’m hopeful. I also wish that the pool at uni opens up already. I miss going to the pool freely. Okay okay enough of my hopes for the tiniest bit of athleticism here’s the outfit.

I’m pretty aware of the sport trend that’s been making its rounds in the fashion blogs for a while. Wedge sneakers, sporty shirts, caps and snapbacks- oh man those! Trends are usually useless to me because I don’t have the motivation or funds to follow them. Can’t say I’m exactly trendy in this one but I’m happy when I’m comfortable.

Now that I think about it… this was more inspired by Kpop and Harajuku fashion.

(So I just realised that in the photo below it looks like my vein is about to pop haha. This doesn’t happen all the time but that’s probably one of my most hardworking veins. I think I always get pricked there when I give blood – mom if you’re reading this don’t imagine it hahah )
Weird side topic… anyways check out my backpack. It’s actually my school bag this year. Sometimes I strike up conversations because of my bag or I catch people smiling at it. Hehe. It’s fun walking home with my winged shadow.
It kind of amuses me how my glasses magnify my eye bags nyahahah…
Outfit deets: Dotti cap and necklace | Valleygirl shirt and leggings | Lost Mannequin backpack | The Warehouse sneakers | Equip earrings

Okiedokies. That’s all for now. I’m going to do some pretend sport now.


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