Whoopie on Nuffield

IMG_9183Hello hello. Talk about eating out again. I finally went to Whoopie at Nuffield,Newmarket. Yuuummm. I’ve heard about this place a while back but just haven’t gone around to dropping by and seeing it for myself, until now. Such a small, sweet space.

They have whoopie pies, of course.  Aaand cake pops! Yes I will come back for you. Also another treat I would go back for are whoopie pie sundaes. I came here when it was a little chilly so it wasn’t sundae weather yet. But next time man, next time.
The first time I came here with friends (after one of our Yumcha adventures ) we had red velvet and chocolate whoopie pies. Nom nom nom…
Obviously, I had to go back and try other flavours too haha. This time with my coffee buddy Pin. We had red velvet, peanut butter with chocolate chunks and raspberry with gianduja. I really love how soft the whoopie was. So nice that if you’re not careful you might eat more more more. Hahah…

Raspberry with gianduja is probably my favourite. Gianduja is a hazelnut and chocolate paste, y’know kinda like Nutella. This flavour’s dairy and egg free too, cool!  Cute and yummy food, I’m so there.
Okay..I went a little nuts with the photo. Not my fault though hahah…
IMG_9204So that’s my little trip to Whoopie. I feel inspired to try and make whoopie pies again (tried them way way back before I started blogging. Boy, was that a failure – looked bad, tasted good – haha…) We’ll see.. if it fails again you know where you’ll see me.

See ya!



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