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Hello hello. It’s been a while since I shared a bit about my other obsession, Kpop. Hahah. *Fangirling mode on* So for this week I have FOUR Kpop!! Yay. Since it’s October lots of things are geared towards Halloween-y stuff so I thought that my little compilation should have this theme this time.

This is the first time in years that I’m not studying for exams during Halloween period so it’s sort of a shock that I can have Halloween plans.  Don’t get too excited, I’ll probably just hand out candies if children ring our door. Meanwhile my sis will be in a masquerade or something. Hahah.. If for some unnatural happening I find myself at a party here are some Kpop MVs that might inspire my costume.

이정현 (Lee Jung Hyun) – V
This is actually the first MV I’ve seen from this artist. I love it! I love how awesome at being creepy she is here. Creepy, pretty, sexy doll. I probably would go for a less sexy version of her outfits though if she was going to be my Halloween inspiration. It also reminds me of the Halloween party scene from Mean Girls where Cady came as the ‘ex-wife’ haha…This video is pure fun and the song’s quite catchy too.

Epik High – Don’t Hate Me
Yes this is epic. Heheh…I wonder if kids in South Korea go trick or treating. Maybe they don’t that’s why they ransacked the grocery haha. This MV is a gold mine. There’s little Lady Gaga, G-Dragon, Joker, Jason… Fun fun fun. Crack a mannequin head and eat its brains, which happens to be cereal. Check out this live version of their song for more Halloween fun.

Crayon Pop – Dancing Queen 2.0
One of my new favourites, Crayon Pop! They always make me smile. So cute, kinda weird and fun. This is their newest MV. Let me just find a schoolgirl outfit, trackpants and cartoon bandaids. Crayon Pop’s trademark outfit needs a helmet though (watch their BarBarBar MV – I promise it’s fun and adorable). Dance dance nanananana *make up words*. This is also my favourite music when doing chores.

2NE1 – It Hurts
2NE1 is probably my favourite Kpop girl group. I wish they go back to having a strong concept, like this one. Think haute couture in Halloween. I would love to dress up like Dara in this video because of her ginormous hairdo haha..add Bom’s fringe-y umbrella..actually I’ll just try out all their outfits, that’d be fun if I can acquire all of them.

BONUS! I would love to dress up as Kyarypamyupamyu!!! I know she’s not Kpop. I don’t listen to Jpop much (only her and Perfume and Kpop idols’ Japanese releases) to make a post on Jpop so Kyary gets a special mention. Any Kyarypamyupamyu outfit can be an awesome Halloween costume but my pick for this time is her Fashion Monster outfit! Enjoy!

That’s all for this week’s FOUR (or..five) post. Enjoy watching my picks! If you know more that should be in this list -if I was going to make a list longer than four that is- please share 😀

See ya!



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