GAOP: Preschoolin’

PicMonkey CollageHello hello. Blogging all the way from windy, spring-feels-like-winter Auckland. I just started the first week of my 7 week practicum at a childcare centre and I’m quite excited. I forgot how draining it is to be in practicum. I wish my body would adjust already but my hormones are having none of that adaptation stuff so I’m all sluggish while the children are literally bouncing everywhere. Seriously, everytime I have to accompany children at the sleep room I feel like sleeping there myself.

Okay sluggish self aside, I’m back on my jeans, shirt and sweater uniform for the next seven weeks. Hahha… But maybe if I get myself different variations of denim overalls I might just have a new uniform. Kind of like this outfit post.
I love this denim overalls. It’s obviously from the 90s or something because the fit is so MC Hammer on me. But hey, it’s comfy and I only got it for $26 compare that to $60 that I was almost going to spend at a retail store. I’m probably still going to look for overalls with a different fit but only if they go even just a teensy bit discounted. For now I’m happy to look like I came out of a 90s teen sitcom.
BTW if you noticed my new GAOP intro/logo, good on you. Hahha. It’s nothing special, I’ve yet to work on an intro I really liked I just wanted to change the old one – I don’t even know why I used that one for so long, I had better sketches on the back of my lecture notes. Oh wellsss

I was thinking that this should’ve been my profile photo in the centre. If you see me, would you trust me with your toddler? It’s okay you can be honest.

Dotti hat and necklace |Glassons striped shirt |thrifted denim overalls |Farmers socks |shoes from a Japanese shop near Queen Street–someday I’ll know the names of Asian shops in that place| A face hoping she’ll get a job after the 7 week practicum is over
IMG_9649Okiedokies, that’s all for my ranty outfit post. Have a good week! If you live in Auckland I hope we start experiencing spring weather. If you’re in Bohol or Cebu in the Philippines I hope you are safe and well.



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