I grew up attending trick-or-treat events every year in the condo my mum managed, and when I say every year, I mean, EVERY SINGLE YEAR since my earliest memory of Halloween I didn’t fail to attend. My favourite part of the event was walking to the conference room (transformed into a party venue) because it meant that we would go through the fire exit where the last scare was. Mum would get her crew to set up the ‘last scare’ corner with glow-in-the dark skeletons, cardboard coffins (with one of my mum’s colleagues made up like a corpse), and atmospheric music playing on concealed speakers.  Kids would laugh nervously, cry and run – it was great!

But ever since I moved to NZ celebrating Halloween became an act of desperation. Apparently not everyone was up for some dressing up and begging for lollies! To add to that, Halloween always falls within exam period so I can’t actually celebrate it on the 31st. Luckily for me people throw costume parties before and after Halloween —which brings me to the F.O.U.R things I’m sharing to you this week!

A good party needs to have good music, and when it’s a Halloween party the music better be pumpin’ enough to make all the things that go bump in the night party with you. So, here you go, a mini mixtape to get you and your guests in a scary, decadent mood.


‘Operate’ by Peaches

Anyone familiar with this song? It’s no other than the bumpin’ track playing in the Halloween party scene in the film Mean Girls! Peaches’ robo-psychotic vocals (singing about practising surgery on a random dude!) just gives the song the right amount of creepy.


‘Shouting in the Evening’ by Pet Shop Boys

At first I thought that this song wasn’t fitting in my Halloween party playlist but in playing it over and over again I realised you could pretend that its droning synths could be the sound of an approaching disco bogeyman, who would force you to dance until your eyes roll into the back of your head and — okay you get the point.

‘Dead on the Dance Floor’ by Ultraviolet Sound

Electronic pop at its stickiest. Don’t be fooled by its cutie tootie sound as its lyrics delves into the dark side of pop culture. Not only that, this song also gives you several costume ideas from Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley to an OD’d raver.

‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ by Skrillex

I love this song so much it would have pained me not to include it in here. Luckily the title makes it a perfect addition in this playlist.


Enjoy bangin’ skulls with these songs and I’ll see you on the next post 😉


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