Lemon Crinkle Cookies

IMG_9923Hello hello and happy friday, world! I’ve been on a long break from the outside world this week. Oh man. I got quite sick from my first week of practicum. I’m almost recovered today, no more fever since yesterday woo! Oh man but missing a week from practicum was disappointing. I sent a set of crap writing for my first week and now I have nothing to write for the second week – which also means doing makeup days at the end of practicum. Oh wellssss. After this flu I need to come back stronger! Arrrrgh.

Anyways here’s something I made a little while back. Crinkles! Lemony ones. I love lemons. I’ve been having a lot of honey and lemon tea when I got sick. My friends swear by it. It kinda helps my sore throat but when you’re getting sick, some things stronger than sweet remedies are needed. Cue antibiotics. hahah..
But still..lemons are always welcome. Especially with sugar. Man when I was mixing the zest and sugar it smelled incredible! Mmmm ~
My crinkles look a bit different because I messed up a step and didn’t have eggs. Yep I did that thing when you start making something without reading the whole recipe beforehand hahaha…  and not checking the pantry.

Soooo… after a few seconds of googling I found out that in cookies you can substitute 1 egg with 1 tbsp of cornstarch + 2 tbsp water. The batter was a bit different, almost kind of fluffy. Then I also forgot to refrigerate before I rolled it into balls. So I refrigerated them as balls instead so I’m guessing that’s why the icing sugar didn’t stick as much and the cookie didn’t spread out as much.
I still decided to post this because it didn’t really fail. I didn’t follow the process well but the outcome still turned out fine. They look slightly different but they tasted awesome. I made the cookies again- with eggs and following the steps correctly and the only difference was that the cookie spread out and was thinner and the icing sugar stayed on. The texture and taste are the same.
Sooooo… I’m hoping the rest of my practicum will turn out like these cookies. I may have diverted a little bit from the original plan but it turned out well. Fingers crossed I don’t get sick again and I get better at writing so that my associate teacher and university supervisor will be soooo happy that I pass then finish and get my new qualification. So I can become a teacher then apply for jobs maybe even overseas too and then .. and then I live happily ever after. Weeeeee… Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

I got the recipe from The Kitchen Paper. This is the first time I made lemon crinkles and the first time I learned about the egg substitution thing sooooo I’m linking it to the awesome monthly link party Our Growing Edge. This event aims to connect food bloggers and inspire us to try new things. This month’s host is Alice from Nom Nom Catour-growing-edge-badge

Okiedokies gonna go drink my antibiotics and plan on becoming a good teacher now. See ya!

10 thoughts on “Lemon Crinkle Cookies

  1. I love lemon cookies and these look amazing! I didn’t know about using cornstarch and water as an egg substitute. Got to pass that on to a friend of mine who just discovered that she can’t eat eggs. Thanks!

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