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It’s Labour Weekend and I’m not doing much. My family and I are just indoors watching blu-ray because we’re kinda lazy like that hahah.  The weekend is for relaxing anyways right? If we go out anyway that means spending mooolahh because there’s a whole bunch of labour weekend sales, so you see we’re safe indoors too hahah.

Okay I don’t know where I’m going with the intro so let’s just get on with Four Others Under the Rainbow. This week’s FOUR post is made up of outtakes from my French Market at La Cigale post. That place isn’t just awesome for eating delicious food it’s great for people watching too. Plus, there’s so many cute little kids and dogs.

Yep call me a kitchen creeper. I don’t know what the point of this photo is. I guess I like it because it’s like being a little kid tiptoeing to reach the kitchen counter hoping to snatch a croissant or two.

This little boy really cracked me up. He was sprawled all over the concrete and was scribbling intensely on one spot. Next thing I saw chalk dust went flying all over him as he pushed his face onto the chalk filled spot. He continued chalking up the spot and putting his face on it. Oh man he was having a blast. Weird and entertaining kid. Happy times.

Adorable dog 1. So so so behaved inside while his owner was queuing to buy bread. Heheeh… never mind that there’s a sign somewhere that pets aren’t allowed in the indoor area anymore. He looks so smiley as he people watched and whatnot. I’m not the type to pet a stranger’s dog but I really wanted to pet this one. So cute. Oh well I have several photos, good enough I suppose.

Adorable dog 2. I think he has a Mr. something name… I can’t remember. I’m not good with people’s names anyways. Look at him, just patiently sitting there as people gushed or took photos. Seems so wise and old and a bit bored haha.. “Oh you want my photo? Hmm what’s new?”. Oh man I really love dogs. I wish I can get a pet soon but it’s not possible when you’re renting. How awesome would it be to come home to something warm, fluffy and huggable?

That’s all for this week’s FOUR post. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. See ya!


3 thoughts on “F.O.U.R.

  1. The little boy scribbling on the ground cracked me up, he is so cute! Brings back great memories of playing with chalk when I was little, mostly to draw the hopscotch squares.

    1. yes hopscotch definitely 😀 though I also remember using pieces of broken clay pots as chalk hehe. I had a classmate who ate chalk back in grade school hahah

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