F.O.U.R. Kpop

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 7.20.34 PMHello hello. I’m back with another Kpop version of Four Others Under the Rainbow! Yay! (I’m all excited to share the world of kpop again but you’re like ugh here she goes again, not blogging like normal and then only pops back up to fangirl over kpop.) Ah sorry, my brain is soup most days, like all my energy is sucked out when I’m not in the centre and interacting with the children. I wish I’d get over this low energy phase really because all I do is sleep and eat besides coming to the centre. I can’t even enjoy weekends because I have to do all my writing on the weekends. I know…cry me a river. I’m such a whiny booboo. Thank the universe for music. Anyways here are kpop songs I enjoy these days.

K.will 케이윌 – 촌스럽게 왜 이래(You don’t know love)
I love K.Will’s voice and its calming quality. I’ve loved his releases since I discovered his song Please Don’t (the MV for that song was pretty interesting too, gotta watch til the end). Anyways K.Will always has sort of drama MVs which almost always doesn’t include his face. Also, the MVs usually have beautiful couples that make you wish you were in a relationship haha – so sweet ants are all over you sweet. But then if you read the lyrics the story is less sweet because he’s asking her to let him go and whatnot but then he still has feelings. She’s selfish, he’s tired, she doesn’t know love but he’s the one with the outburst. How confusing.

김예림 Lim Kim – Voice (feat.Swings)
Lim Kim’s voice is so chill, it’s just so relaxing. The MV is simple but I love all the details in the set (it’s been so long since I’ve seen an electric fan like that.) and the shots here and there. ‘Oh there’s gonna to be an earthquake lemme just coolly slide under the table’. You’d think that with all those electronics and leaking she’d get electrocuted but she’s still keeping her cool. She needs to get her iPhone fixed, the silent/vibrate function is too intense heheh. Props to another MV with english lyrics subs-makes it easier to appreciate it more. This song can be a sequel to K.Will’s You Don’t Know Love. She let him go (caused he asked for it) but now she’s yearning for their times and his voice. Is it really over? Tune in for the next episode.

Verbal Jint – You Look Good
So if we’re going with the story from the two songs, chapter three, this song shows that they’ve broken up for good. But then he sees her again, the ex is happy with another and he’s like ‘you look good’ and he might be slightly gaga over her looking good without him. Anyways that’s what you’ll gather if you search for the lyrics. I love listening to this song, it just sounds smooth (did you know that Verbal Jint was supposed to come to NZ but it got cancelled. Sad.). I’m quite entertained by the MV too. I watch it when I have too many feels. The end just gets you out of your head. Watch.

BTOB – 내가 니 남자였을때 (When I Was Your Man)
I don’t listen to BTOB much (I have no idea what their names are except for Ilhoon because he rapped in another track with G.Na)but I really really like this song. Easy listening like all the songs on this list. I also like their voices. There’s not much to say in this MV other than they’re good looking (that dude who’s got his sleeves rolled up looks spesh fine) and there’s a lot of them in this group. The lyrics of this song would be an alternate ending to Verbal Jint’s You Look Good because the dude’s actually celebrating his breakup and is all like ‘You should’ve treated me better when I was your man. I’m havin’ a ball without you, not coming back ever’.

So that’s the end of the sad love story brought to you by Kpop songs hahaha. They’re all so relaxing to listen to, no? Do you like making up stories from a series of MVs too? Hahha…there’s so many love songs in kpop, it’s like picking a bunch of daisies in an overgrown garden to make a daisy chain – you can somehow link it all up however you want to.

Okiedokies that’s all for now folks. See ya!


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