GAOP: Hey, Lolita, hey!


Spring is here! It’s also the perfect time to exercise your anti-spring trendsetting skills. Mind you, I do like a lot of things associated with this season (i’m a bit of a floral print junkie). When sky blues and full bloom floral prints are all the rage I just can’t help but to go the other way.

So this GAOP is my way of flipping off this season’s sunny peachiness. Nothing says ‘$%@# spring’ like sporting some Wednesday Addams realness.



I’m wearing a faux double-breasted Peter Pan collar dress I got from the outlet rack of an Asian store in Mid City Centre along Queen Street. My kitten heeled Mary Janes and white socks (back from my all-girls school days) further the creepy school girl look I’m going for.


Though we’re already in the territory of creepy, I just had to put on my Lolita glasses. Speaking of Lolita, I recently watched Stanley Kubrick’s take on Vladimir Nabokov’s novel and found that it wasn’t screwed up as I thought it would be. The humour was dark, though, and in its own right it was still pretty screwed up – not really something you’d like the little ones to watch.



That’s it from now y’all. Flick back some time for more GAOPs, and upcoming posts and news from my sis and me! x



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