The Philippines Needs Help

Philippines Needs Help

I don’t know what else to add about this tragedy to my fellow Filipinos. My heart goes out to Filipinos in the areas and their families both in the Philippines and overseas. Thank you to the international community who sent in and are sending aid to the Philippines. Also thank you to our fellow Kiwis whose shown tremendous support to Filipinos living in New Zealand and the Philippines.

If you’re in New Zealand you can text ‘hope’ to 3181. Details for other international donations are in the reblogged post.

Apple Ochon

I believe everything has been said and reported about the recent catastrophe, Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda, that struck the Philippines. I, too, have a lot of thoughts about it but I don’t want to dwell on those anymore. I am overwhelmed with all the help coming from the other countries and the unity and camaraderie of the Filipinos from different parts of the globe.

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