GAOP: Fall Out Fangirl

photoHello hello. Gasp! An Outfit Post has a new intro photo. Again. This time I finally drew a cartoon version of my sis and an updated version of me. My sister’s cartoon was inspired by this GAOP and her top in another GAOP. My cartoon was inspired by this GAOP. Our cartoons don’t have a lot expression because they’re supposed to be vogue-ing and also because this was the easiest way to draw them nyahahaha. Lazy McLazy.

Okay onto my outfit post. Yay! Here I am trying to be badass.
Jokes. Not really. The probability of me becoming badass is the same as my chances of becoming 5 feet tall – yes I’m a munchkin. Hah. Close but oh so far.
What else is close yet oh so far? Fall Out Boy when they returned to NZ. I went to their concert back in 2009 (wow so long ago) but couldn’t come to their show this year because broke is broke. Sooo I just asked my friend to buy me a shirt from their merch stand haha. They’re one of the last bands I’ve really really fangirled over – prior to my KPOP (where I get outfit inspiration these days) craze haha.
I’m so [cartoon] badass.ย My sister’s better at being a badass BTW. haha..
Spikes, skeletons and cartoon tights badass.


Almost everything are from random Asian shops from downtown except for my Equip earrings, Valleygirl leggings, thrifted leather Chucks and my shirt from FOB’s merch store.
“I’m gonna change you like a remix,then I’ll raise you like a phoenix.” I don’t listen to FOB as much as I used to during my teens but it’s still great to listen to music where I can understand all the lyrics without a translation haha. I love Fall Out Boy forevaaahh. Light ’em up!
IMG_9448That’s all for now folks. Liked my outfit? Liked my fangirling? Maybe not. Check back next time maybe I’ll be less of a fangirling dork.

Sorry that’s a lie, I’ll always be a fangirling dork. See ya!


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