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Hello hello! It’s officially the beginning of summer here in New Zealand. I am officially a qualified teacher too! Yay! I just officially finished my early childhood education studies. I only have 3 makeup days left in the centre next week. After that…FREEDOM. Of course,  that also means a new phase of job hunting and teacher registration stuff for the next round of life but oh my gosh it’s such a relief to finish this year. A new qualification and new set of skills is always welcome. So yeah that’s my life update for ya guys on to Four Others Under the Rainbow!

This was from my first practicum at a kindergarten early this year. How time flew by. I was just talking and observing the little girl and her painting. I knew less of everything back then. Fast-forward now, I’m equipped with theories, policies, and even nappy changing skills haha..

My trusty hat and denim jacket. My summer favourites are back in use again. A friend once complimented my jacket and its texture. It’s aged nicely. I’ve had this since I was nine. My favourite 14 year old jacket. This was taken inside a restaurant that I’m going to share to you soon. Check back next week hehe.

Hmmm why did I take this photo again? Aw yeah..the crane. See Santa on the building? They were putting up his massive reindeers on the side of the building. It’s always cool to see big machines and whatnot. Ah and the contrast of the woman in front was kinda nice, so chill, you know. (Hmm crane attempting to lift a massive reindeer body? Whatevs.)

March against rape culture. It was interesting to participate in this march. This march is connected to recent events concerning a group of boys called, ‘Roastbusters‘ who takes advantage of underage girls then shames them on social media. What’s even worse are people’s reactions, friends claimed the behaviour as normal teen antics (wtf…) and police was quite insensitive about a victim’s complaints a couple of years ago, even questioning what she was wearing. What is up with that? Victim blaming and normalising rape behaviour as teen culture. It’s so ridiculous. I don’t do marches and rally much but I had to show my support  and do this march because (in the perspective of an ECE teacher) we don’t build up children’s identities and confidence early in life just for it to be trampled on when they hit their teens by a desensitised society. It’s not only about protecting young women but also about informing the rest that this isn’t supposed to be played down. We shouldn’t tell women to not wear miniskirts so they don’t attract unwanted attention. We should be changing the perspectives young men grow up with. As one of the chants go “Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes, no means no.” It was great to see the mix of people in this march, men, women, old and young (in prams and on their parents’ shoulders) taking a stand on  an important issue.
IMG_0254Ah that’s all for now folks.

Hope this week’s FOUR post gave you food for thought.



  1. I like teachers so much and I salute you for choosing to be teacher of the little kids! Congratulations and welcome to a faster pace of life! 🙂

    Cool Santa picture. I particularly like how the girl crossed her legs. Lol.

    • Aw thank you 😀 I look forward to being with lots of children in the future 🙂 My associate teacher is 66 and she is so active and healthy and is not stopping anytime soon – I want to be like that!

      Hahah yes the girl seemed quite cool. I tried to snap it fast so I don’t look like a stalker haha

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