Le Garde-Manger

IMG_0244Hello hello. Here I am writing in a post fever state. Mom says my body is reacting with separation anxiety from being away from the children at the centre (now that my practicum’s over). There’s that and the surprisingly bad weather I got myself soaked in. I still cannot believe how often I got sick this year. So weird.

On to days of optimum health. My partner in cafe conquering, Pin, suggested this creperie on upper Queen street so we can fuel up before joining the march against rape culture later in the day. It was like, “A wild French creperie and cafe came out of nowhere” mostly because this part was lined with mostly Korean and other Asian food places. I love the many details when we came inside. Looks like a possible filming location for my sis…hehe you never know.

It took a while to choose what crepe to eat because I was just a bit distracted with how adorable things were. Ah but I settled for a Crêpe Belle Helene. That’s a crepe with poached pear, vanilla and chocolate sauce.
Yummm…Meanwhile, Pin went for something savoury and chose her crepe with onions, herbs and cream. Not forgetting her coffee too. (It was so hot I skipped my cuppa hehe)
That china cabinet was one of the things I loved staring at in that place haha. My tea party desires are just reignited, you know. But tea is hot. So we decided to end on a cool note before braving the heat. Les coupes glacées. Ice cream! We got a scoop of lemon, strawberry and chocolate. The lemon was so awesome and refreshing. I don’t get lemon ice cream and enjoy it much so this was a lucky choice.


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