Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 4.53.34 PM

I’m at loss for words

Time is short; the walls close in

So here’s a haiku



It seems like a snapshot from winter, but really it’s from just a couple of days ago. I always wanted to capture reflections against rain-soaked concrete, and the weather gave me more than enough time to take countless shots of my balcony.


More reflections! More asymmetry! Y’all have to bear with me as I couldn’t resist posting another photo from my drenched balcony shoot.

And the lo-fi photo portion of this F.O.U.R post goes to this odd one. If you’re scratching your head at this one, it’s basically a semi-wilted flower on top of a soap dispenser in the restroom. I’m such an art student for saying this but….isn’t it so poetic?

I like the bluntness of flash photography. It emphasises the depths and texture of the curtains, my coat and the flowers on my headband while at the same time flattens it. For this selfie I was definitely going for a David Lynch and Terry Richardson vibe – the version that’s on a budget of course!


That’s it for now 🙂 See you on my next post!


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