GAOP: Graphic

photoHello hello. Gasp! It’s time for Another Outfit Post. Hmm…I like how this outfit *pats back* hahaha.. This isn’t something I normally wear mostly because of the skirt. I really like the skirt and its style and colour but it’s the type that’s quite fitted, I get a bit conscious haha.

I guess this is my version of a power outfit. If I ended up with an office job I could dress like this on some days hehe.I actually really like a lot of office clothing. Blazers, printed pants, colour blocking and matching suit and skirts. Things I cannot wear if I’m running around toddlers and kindergarteners. I probably won’t be able to contain myself in an office job haha..
I bought this shirt after I did the Round the Bays earlier this year. Walking/running 8 km is fine but not in the incredible heat. So I rewarded myself with a shirt, mostly because I needed a change anyways. I like the print, the image is actually made of string.
Zebra socks for my striped blazer. I love socks. I’ll be the one who doesn’t mind getting socks as christmas gifts. I also shamelessly wear socks and sandals together. Especially if it’s clear jelly sandals. Hahaha.

That’s about it for this GAOP. thrifted blazer | MNG Jeans shirt| Dotti skirt and necklace | Equip earrings| Farmers socks| Rockport shoes| Bangs/fringe that can’t decide if it should be grown out or not haha |

See ya!


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