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Hello hello. Hope everyone’s week’s was great. Mine was full of food and socialisation and a bit of weak job hunting. Obviously need to work on my priorities. Hopefully I slap myself into job hunting super mode in the coming days. I’m also back to making stuff in the kitchen again, yay me! I’m also trying to incorporate reading books in my time again, whoop whoop. I’m taking ultimately slow on reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies but I’m enjoying it. I did not read the classic but I watched the movie haha…and yes I could see Keira Knightley as Lizzy killing off zombies and being a smart ass around Mr. Darcy. I’m almost halfway through so if you’ve got book recommendations, feel free to leave it in the comments. Yay. Okay. Intro chatter over let’s head onto Four Others Under the Rainbow.

Somewhere around Queen Street. I love looking through the Asian clothes shops further down. They have mostly adorable things that are too expensive for me so I end up reblogging Asian fashion on Tumblr to compensate. Besides being on the expensive side, they’re also tiny. You, you *shakes fists at tiny Asian clothes for skinny Asian folks* not fair. There’s a nice cafe and a Japanese curry place down this way too..and obviously that international food court below. Let’s focus on the positives haha.

Philippine coins. I just randomly found them when my dad randomly organised my things – Dad has this insatiable need to clean and organise. If I look hard enough I still have a few pesos lying around in my things from when we had our vacation 3 years ago. I think there’s about 50 something pesos in there. What can you buy with that now?  If we were still in the Philippines, my mom would make me go to the sari-sari store nearby and ask me to buy Chocnut, Boy Bawang and Dingdong with my coins. I wonder if I can buy anything in Jollibee with this amount.

Ah this is what you do when you come to a nice place to eat but you can’t eat. We weren’t able to book ourselves for lunch in this olive orchard place so our family friends just took the time for photo ops. It’s always great seeing them, our family here in New Zealand, even when we’re just randomly taking photos.

At the Tyburn Monastery. It’s so beautiful up there. We attended mass and explored a little before the rain drove us away. Haha. It’s an interesting things to go to mass all the way up there. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and really helps with being in a prayerful mood. Another interesting thing are the nuns. Their order is an enclosed one so you can’t be near them physically. My sister almost stepped over their side of the chapel when we went inside. Ooops. I don’t see nuns around Auckland much, quite different from my hometown – plus growing up in Catholic schools.

That’s all for now folks. See ya next week!


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