Cheese Cupcakes


Hello hello. Hope everyone’s having a good week so far. I’ve just finished my first aid course earlier this week. Yay! I can resuscitate and stabilize all you folks now. It was interesting to practice with the dummies especially the baby dummy. If only real people clicked in real life so I would know if I’m pumping hard enough. I also learnt about other emergency procedures for other kinds of things. But you know what emergency first aid training can’t help you with? Dessert cravings.

You know what can help with that? Baking cupcakes! Cheese cupcakes. Mmmm… I love cheese on sweet things (I love anything sweet anyways). Ensaymada, a Filipino sweet bread that has sugar and cheese on top. Man I think I even miss cheese ice cream. So here’s some sweet cheese cupcakes.

Get baking.
Mmmm…look at that condensed milk.
Say cheeeseeee.
Ah so simple and delicious. Ta-dah!
I got the recipe from Ang Sarap . I don’t remember having cheese cupcakes back in the Philippines but when I ate these cupcakes there was just a taste of familiarity. Cheese and sweetness. I made them for a gathering with family friends. They enjoyed it too. Looks like I’ll be baking more of these babies in the future.

That’s all for now folks! See ya!



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