IMG_0477Sometimes unplanned things are the most fun. It happened when our bunch of family friends went to Tyburn monastery in the middle of somewhere in the mountains. Then proceeded to attempt to lunch without a reservation. At first our convoy stopped for photos in a place we wanted to eat in but could not get a reservation. We then moved on to a yumcha place where we waited (even when we got a reservation) for seats like we were playing bingo [we gave up waiting – we were so hungry we hear ‘ticket number..’ as ‘chicken number..’]. Anyways…fast forward to circling around for parking spots and grumbling tummies, one of our uncles/aunts suggested Banzai in Dominion Road. At that point I was happy to eat instant noodles.
Whew..finally sat down. Time to grab a drink (iced tea) and some food.
We were so hungry so we were especially glad that their lunch menu included beginning the meal with miso soup. And mmmm it was good – it wasn’t just plain miso.
Here’s a different kind of miso soup, my uncle said it was good too.
Some of the appetizers we got…croquettes and salt and pepper squid. The croquettes are pretty aren’t they? I don’t remember how they tasted…we pretty much wolfed them down as fast as we could.
We were such a big group so it took a while for our orders to reach us. Every time the two chefs come out of the kitchen we’d be excited to find out whose plate it was. We pretty much filled up most of the restaurant haha. Oh man, each dish looked worth its wait. I mean look at this colourful one, mixed sashimi rice set.
I think this was the teriyaki chicken set. Oh my I’m getting so hungry.. (why do I write posts at night?)
Oh oh..this is the yum yum prawns set. The name is so cute. And matches it so well. Simple names. Yum yum tastes hehe..
Mom’s plate. I was able to steal some from this plate. I think it’s the beef yakiniku. Stir fried meat is always delicious and sauce for this dish was quite good.
My sister’s plate of tonkatsu. Nom nom nom…had a good crunch to it and the meat was just nice.
Okayy…I don’t remember whose plate this was and what this was…but I’m so hungry right now. By the way, can you just imagine me walking the length of a few tables to stop a person from diving into their plate because I was going to take a photo of their food? Yeah. Our family friends are awesome. It was also good we haven’t gone towards the hunger crazies phase.
Teriyaki tofu don..don don don.
Omg omg omg.. this is my plate. Wooo…! After I got my plate I pretty much forgot about food photos when I got my plate of katsu curry. younger ‘cousin’ got the same dish as well and high fives and celebrations commenced after we ate haha.
Nom nom nom..We had a good time in this place. The food was really good with awesome presentation (and really affordable for its quality). The people were really nice, they were so cheerful and helpful. Anyways awesome christmas party lunch 😀

That’s all for now folks. Happy Boxing Day!


4 thoughts on “Banzai

  1. “why do I write posts at night?”

    So funny, right when I read that sentence I was thinking “why do I read posts at night?” Seriously, your post made me soooo hungry! I’m now craving teriyaki chicken and curry in the worst way lol!

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