Random Eats


Happy happy new year everyone 😀

It’s been a long time since I had a Random Eats post, the last was probably september..wow. Why not start the year with one then? It’s mostly to reminisce the last year. I love photos. I love food photos (sometimes I am lucky and take good ones, sometimes mehhhh). But the best thing about a photo is that you can take one randomly and then remember the moments – no matter how random they are. So here we go..

Oooh this one. It was the beginning of spring and I met up with my close uni friends. Ever since undergraduate studies finished it gets a bit harder to round up the gang and hang out at a cafe. We walked around Auckland Domain like we did a few summers back. Old friends that haven’t seen each other in a while, we basked in the sun, in the homeliness of the wintergarden cafe (cringed a little at the overpriced cakes) and talked. Gave power hugs, especially to my friend who was going on a cranial adventure. Looking forward to the new year and catching up with these chicas again. And yeah that’s a cake that has raspberries, I think.
Birthday cake. Yes I’m “Maleh”. It’s a family nickname since I was a kid. It’s originally just “Male” but mom added an “h” in my later teens to make it look less like public toilets and to help with other people’s pronunciation. I get people to call me Nelli these days but Maleh/Male is still around, you know lurking with my Nancy Drew books and thinking 18 years old is kind of old.
This was a delicious red velvet cake from Rocket Kitchen. That place has steadily become my mom’s go-to place for cakes ever since the Chocolate Cake Company disappeared from the CBD.
This was the beginnings of a peculiar cake that was still enjoyed. I didn’t have a photo of the finished cake because I just kind of smooshed it in a big tupperware container and refrigerated it after drowning it in an awesome chocolate coffee sauce I made (and can’t recreate for some reason…it was one of those I-didn’t-have-all-the-ingredients-for-something-so-I-made-it-up-as-I-went-but-I-can’t-remember-what-I-was-doing). The kicker is that it was supposed to be red velvet cake. But I thought hey why not blue? It turned out more bluish-green. And the cake wasn’t the only thing that was bluish-green for a few days. No, my friends did not get sick. But something peculiar was going down.
Oh hello. We meet another red velvet cake again. Here’s from a cafe, one of those chains you find everywhere. My friends and I just thought we should try something else besides the usual flat white or cappuccino so we got vienna coffees. Yummy and a little stronger than what we usually have. The cakes were just supporting acts. We also took photos of each other in a way that would be a possible photo on the back of our books someday. Hhaha.
Kitchen experiment file #XX13JP2 Mr. Droopsalot. I’m no kitchen expert but I’ve been lucky too many times (hence the blog) with my food adventures but sometimes there comes a crossroad where you have to stop and ask “Should I blog about this? It tastes great, why not? But look at it.” Luckily, Mr. Droopsalot saved me the decision-making when he just melted right before my eyes. If I really had no other content to post, I could’ve just stuck googly eyes on and called it a day. Hey–next time, that’s the backup. You got the memo.
Caramel and chocolate cupcakes from Rocket Kitchen. I told you it was my mom’s go-to.
My christmas trifle. I figured I wasn’t going to blog about this because you can probably organise a trifle with a blindfold on. It’s the kind of thing that’ll turn out all right as long as you like everything you’re putting in it. I’m very lazy so my trifle had 3 store bought sponge layers (brushed with orange syrup), layered with store bought vanilla custard, a surprise chocolate cheesecake layer(oh yeah) and topped with whipped cream and lots of berries. Yay!
Mom’s christmas ham. Did you know that our local grocery ran out of boxes of cloves on christmas eve? Can you just imagine all the people in their homes poking their hams with cloves simultaneously?
Our new years eve table. Wow look at us, going light and seafood on a holiday. We love salmon (except for mom) so we had baked salmon (with OMG just salad) and those salmon in a cucumber thing (I might blog about that) and oysters. My parents love oysters. I’m neutral. I also found out you’re not supposed to chew oysters when you eat them. My sis and I don’t drink so we had sparkling grape juice from Sun Country and we liked it. Less bubbly in your throat and more taste.

That’s all for now folks. See you around 😀


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