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Hello everyone! Hope the first week of 2014 was good to you. I haven’t done much this week, mostly practices for the upcoming Sinulog festivities this month. S’all good. Oh BTW you can now access the blog through sweetsandbrains.com .Eeee I know it took me forever to get to a .com but whatever blubber better late than never. I’m not really sure of the positive aspects of having a .com besides having a shorter blog url. I guess it helps the blog sound more profeshh (yeah right, with me writing professh I don’t think I’ll ever sound professh anymore).

So..folks back to FOUR, today’s Four Others Under the Rainbow came from a random trip – last year- to a family friend’s boyfriend’s friend’s farm. The premise of the trip was to look at puppies. I didn’t even know it was so far. I only looked at the puppies for a few minutes too. So yeah, felt slightly awkward (with some familiar friends) but at least I got to drive a quad bike. Hells yes. I’ll post that photo on instagram- should’ve brought my camera [grr.]. I took these photos with my friend’s bf’s camera.

The farm was recently bought so there weren’t any flock milling about. Apparently some of their goats escaped, those who did not were in the freezer heheh…So much land though, lots of space to play catch with dogs. That’s one of my friends, Joyce.

La-la-la-lavender. [it’s lavender,right?] I was trying to capture a bee but my photo turned out blurry. Boo. I need more camera practice. So here’s a bee-less flower.

Here’s one of the puppies’ parents. She was so caught up with playing catch that she just left her babies at the doghouse. I would’ve loved to bring home one of the puppies. Man, you don’t know how much my sis and I want [need] warm, fluffy pets in our lives. On new years day, my sister was trying to communicate with a neighbours cat at our aunt’s house. I’d rather have a dog, though.

Last one. I don’t know what flowers these are supposed to be. But it seems like the heat got to it before they were able to go and open themselves to the world. The leaves don’t look wilted so I can be wrong. I’m having mixed feels comprising of needs for fresh flowers and pet hugs. I’ll probably go and read a book after I finish typing all this. hahah.
farm4That’s all for now, folks. See ya around!



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