Gina’s Italian Kitchen

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 10.02.59 PMHello hello. Today’s post is a few weeks outdated. Hahah. A little while back after my friends and I finished our final practicum we were able to celebrate our friend’s birthday at Gina’s. Hey May if you’re reading my blog, holla from Malaysia hehe. She’s been posting a lot of her food adventures and I’m slightly jealous.

Ah so anyways our dinner. It was super duper packed when we came there, turns out there were three hen parties [bachelorette parties] happening. Later on, we find out why the place was famous for hen parties. Before I came here I’ve already gotten the heads-up about good looking waiters from another friend so I had an idea of why. Then…The lights went out, leaving candles for light, and the waiters would come out singing and topless. Haha too funny.

Okay besides topless foreign guys singing for you there are also food in the restaurant. Haha. Starting off with some good ol’ bread and chips to start the meal.
Hello hello from our extra guest. My friend’s daughter brought this cute stuffed toy.
I think there were about seven of us. We went a bit nuts ordering pizza. There was so much for all of us. PIZZZZAAAAAAA…
Pizza here
Pizza there
pizza pizza everywhere.
The only pizza I did not eat was the Hawaiian. Pineapples…in pizza never appealed to me. I’d eat it if it was the only thing I could eat but it just feels weird. To each his own.
Like we didn’t have enough pizza my friend got seafood risotto. Not spectacular but still good.
The most memorable thing for me wasn’t even pizza. It was the four cheese gnocchi. OMG this was just divine. My friends and I were making the weirdest reaction faces from enjoying the gnocchi. Haha. Cheese wins everything man.
Here have some.
So that’s about it for our dinner at Gina’s.
It was fun and very filling. Pizza and carb overload haha.
See ya!


10 thoughts on “Gina’s Italian Kitchen

      1. I’ve actually never eaten pizza on my trips to Japan because I’ve heard it’s not very good lol. I don’t doubt they must have some strange topping choices though.

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