GAOP: Goodbye 20


Plot twist: I’ve said goodbye to 20 several years ago.

And… I look like I haven’t reached twenty and my mom made me stand against the curtain (she didn’t my sis did). Haha.
It’s funny when people try to guess my age. They need to know that I’m older (or much older) than them-or their sibling/friend- to get it right (my bleached hair helps bring the age up). It’s understandable though. I don’t really dress like I’m a sophisticated young adult. Not all the time anyway.
I really admire people my age who are chic, stylish and sophisticated. They can wear sleek basics and look fashionably stoic. I’m inspired by their style and the look of maturity they have but I couldn’t really follow. I used to think it was because my cheeks are poofy and I’m round in many places. Or I don’t have enough black in my closet. Or because I didn’t accomplish X,Y and Z. There’s a list in my head. When I thought about it, I was just making myself sad because I was comparing myself with other people, thinking that’s how I should be because we’re the same age. Nobody was even asking me to be different from how I was.

So yeah. Goodbye 20. Goodbye to that kind of thinking.
Mind renovations are still ongoing. But at least I’ve matured out of some of my social and physical comparisons. Goodbye 20. Hello dungarees that looked like something I wore when I was 9. Hello jelly sandals with insect socks. Because why care about socks and sandals combi snobs?
Here’s to admiring people unlike me but not pressuring myself to be like them. Here’s to growing up and not trying to grow out of myself.

Glassons scalloped shirt| Mirrou dungaree dress| Farmers socks| Cotton On jelly sandals| Necklace from a shop in K’road| Headband from Greenhills tiangge in the Philippines 4 years| ducks handkerchief because my wrist was hurting that time.

That’s all for Gasp! An Outfit Post this week. Goodbye 20 is also one of my favourite songs from Korean singer Lim Kim.

See ya!



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