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Helloooooooo everyone. It’s been a good week here in Auckland. Hope you’re all having a good week. I don’t have a lot to say soo…let’s get going with the Four Others Under the Rainbow. haha.

Rainbow. So awesome. After one of those random showers there’s a beautiful rainbow. This was a double rainbow too. The twin is not as bright but duude… “Double rainbow” *starry eyed*
Took this photo before my dad decided to take the christmas tree down. Nothing special about this, besides the fact that there’s like a few dozen versions of this photo. I was playing around with camera settings to get used to working in manual mode.
Skyping with family in the Philippines. These are my two uncles – my mom’s brothers. They were my nannies when I was growing up. Heheh… We also got to skype with my grandma and I saw my little cousins.
Spuuuuuuuhrinkles. What do you do when you spill sprinkles on the floor? Sweep them perhaps? Nah. If you’re me you stare at it and figure out what shape it formed (if you look at it sideways it’s like a camel with a super skinny neck–if you see a something else that’d be awesome. ) – I used to do that with spilled juice. After that you take a picture and marvel at spilled sprinkles.
IMG_0775Okiedokies. That’s all for this week’s randomness.

See ya!



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