giapo 1-2Hello hello.

Ice cream!!! What’s better than ice cream on a hot day? More ice cream. What’s better than more ice cream? Well, haute ice cream of course. Yes friends. This is probably the Chanel of ice cream. Unlike Karl Lagerfeld’s creations, you can actually eat and enjoy Gianpaolo Grazioli’s creations.

It’s been a while since I came to Giapo. And my recent visit is all thanks to Genie at Bunny Eats Design. Heheh… I won one of her giveaways. How awesome is that? I dunno what happened but the stars must’ve aligned or something because I got lucky for a short period after my last birthday. I won a G-Dragon’s Coup d’etat CD from My Korean Husband and then this.
giapo 1
Being the procrastinator that I am, I spent the voucher just a few days before it expired. Haha. That’s even better than one of the giveaways I won where I didn’t spend the voucher code before it expired (sad, I still kind of wanted those wooden glasses frames).

Hahah anyways. Giapo. Ice cream happiness. I love Giapo’s look now. It used to be all purple and white. That was cute actually but the shop’s look works more with the haute ice cream they’ve got going on. If you eat ice cream by the window, you can see all the people passing by-envying you hahaha.
giapo 1-9
giapo 1-8
giapo 1-4
giapo 1-3
giapo 1-7
It gets a bit problematic when choosing an ice cream flavour to eat. They all look good. What’s awesome is that even though they have the classics, it will always have a Giapo spin on it. I dunno man they’re cool like that. Then there’s awesome flavour combinations… something like hokey pokey and bacon?(I think I had that a while back) I had some of their “hot” ice cream last winter too.

What’s new-ish for me are their deluxe cones. How pretty do they look?
Hmm.. so what did we get?
giapo 1-6
My sister had a strawberry and pistachio one while I had a green tea and hazelnut on a deluxe raspberry cone. The raspberry cone was coated in white chocolate and (probably) dehydrated raspberries. Oh yeah.
You might ask why I got a deluxe cone and my sister did not? Errm…math and sibling seniority? hahah.
giapo 1-5
PicMonkey Collage

My ice cream had a baby macaron on top of it. So high fashion this whole ice cream and cone ensemble. Even the freaking pecans look like they have gold dust.

I just recovered from a cold sooooo looks like I can have ice cream soon. Someone treat me at Giapo 😀 Hahha.

That’s all for now. See ya folks.



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