Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream

IMG_1359I’ve been lazy at making cookies these days. Sooo lazy that I don’t even remember when I last made shortbread cookies from scratch. All I do is open a pack – it’s so easy and non homemade shortbread is really good depending on the brand. It’s a different story when it comes to other cookies though. Commercial chocolate chip cookies are heart breaking. When I go to the grocery while hungry I forget that I don’t like XX cookies and grab a pack. It’s mandatory to drown said cookies in a tall glass of milk. So I can at least enjoy them.

Sooooo…here’s something a bit different to that tall glass of milk.

Making your own ice cream, chopping those regretful cookies and smothering them with vanilla happiness.

I would have done this many times before but our freezer wasn’t the best at its job. Our old freezer would make all ice cream frosty or like soft soft serve (Ikr..freezer you had one job!) so making homemade ice cream turned out disappointing. Right before christmas, our fridge went berserk, emitting sounds that make you think you should set up video cameras in the house a la Paranomal Activity.

That was the last straw. So goodbye possessed, temperamental fridge and hello to ice cream that stays frozen!
I reused an old ice cream container to put my homemade ice cream in. My ice cream was good except I should’ve probably beaten the mixture more. For some reason I just kept mixing it manually instead of a hand mixer so the texture wasn’t quite what I wanted. But other than that it received (biased) rave reviews from the parental and sibling authorities.

This post is reminding me of how much I want those mechanical ice cream scoops so I can make ice cream parlour worthy ice cream balls. (Oh well..just stick a chocolate flake on it to make it look photogenic, aye?)

I’m entering this post to Sweet New Zealand :D Our February 2014  host is Alessandra Zecchini. snz

Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream from Beginners Get Sorted book by Sortedfood

600 ml cream (or double cream in UK)
1 can (395g) Condensed milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
200g dark chocolate, melted
200g crushed chocolate cookies

– Whip the cream lightly ’til soft peaks form.
– Add the condensed milk, vanilla, dark chocolate and crushed chocolate cookies. Stir well.
– Pour into a container and place in the freezer for two hours.
– Then whisk the mixture and return to the freezer to freeze completely.
– Before serving, let the ice cream soften for 10 minutes.



7 thoughts on “Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream

  1. Yum! I’ve never thought to use condensed milk in ice cream.. The only time I’ve made it without an ice cream machine was in the far North at -40 sitting outside to churn it! It’s hard to get it as fluffy when doing it by hand eh.

      1. Yup left it out and just churned it every half hour by hand until perfect. Haha yes.. Hot chocolate was more tempting at that temp but was a great experiment. Check out the post on my blog (search ice cream ) if you like.

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